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Development Trend Of Hydraulic DTH Hammer
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Hydraulic drilling and drilling has been developed and practiced to prove that it is an advanced drilling technology for hard and complex rock formations. Various hydraulic hammers have formed a new type of hole bottom power machine, and will be developed in a deeper and higher level.

First of all, with the development of high-tech and electronic technology, the theoretical research level of impact rotary drilling will have a major breakthrough. The hydraulic characteristics of various hammers and moving parts of liquid hammers with different structural types will be improved and Enrichment, the use of computer simulation will further simplify, optimize and scientifically design the structure and parameters of the hydraulic hammer. The test method for the performance parameters of the hydraulic hammer will be more accurate, intuitive and intelligent, and new advanced professional sensors and popular high-speed photography testing techniques will be applied.

In order to meet the challenges of the market environment, the variety and model of hydraulic DTH hammers will be appropriately reduced and further optimized and generally mass-scale manufacturing. And due to the increase of impact energy, it will actively learn from and refer to the relevant technology of pneumatic DTH hammer in the aspects of machining accuracy, material selection, heat treatment and anti-corrosion treatment, to the level of the wind-driven down-the-hole hammer.

The hydraulic DTH hammer will be developed in a multi-functional and wide-purpose direction. While continuing to apply in core drilling and hydrological well drilling, the focus will be on oil, natural gas and geothermal drilling, which is determined by the needs of water, oil and gas resources in accordance with the national economic and environmental sustainability strategy. The development of hydraulic hammer drilling technology will have broad market prospects, which should mainly address the life of wearing parts, the adaptability of washing fluid, deep hole back pressure, stable performance of well performance and hydraulic hammer performance and cone Drill matching and other issues.

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