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Drilling Operation Safety Regulations
- Oct 26, 2018 -

1. The drilling site should be kept clean.

2. When installing and disassembling the rig, ensure correct and complete.

3. When the mast of the rig is raised and lowered, the operator should stand in a safe position.

4. When starting the motor, turn on all the friction clutches of the rig.

5. Never remove the protective cover while the rig is working.

6. Before starting work, check the reliability of the brakes and the performance of the friction clutch and starter.

7. Do not inspect the rig until the motor has stopped.

8. It is strictly forbidden to tighten any parts of the rig while the rig is working.

9. Do not refuel when the rig is running. The upper pulley of the mast should be refueled when the rig is stopped.

10. Do not work on the mast until the motor has stopped.

11. Under no circumstances should the person in the upper section of the mast be allowed to stay under the mast.

12. In the event of severe weather (rainstorms, heavy snow, icing, or winds of magnitude 5 or higher), work on masts is not permitted. At the same time, manual lighting is not allowed to work on the mast.

13. It is strictly forbidden to use the stranded wire rope.

14. When lifting the drill, it is strictly forbidden to touch the wire rope by hand.

15. Except for rig lifting, lower drilling pipe, etc., the wellhead is strictly prohibited from opening.

16. In order to prevent the drilling or pumping from escaping from the well, it must be hooked with a hook made of 15 to 20 mm diameter steel rod.

17. When cleaning the pump, it should be looped with a strong and reliable wire rope, and placed at the lower end of the pump to turn it upside down.

18. All workers should leave the well when lifting or lowering the casing with the trolley and when the machine is working.

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