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DTH Hammer Interior Structure Classic High Air Pressure BD HD45A
- Jan 23, 2019 -

HD45A interior structure

Black Diamond HD45A DTH hammer, designed for water & geothemal well, mining blast hole drilling and quarrying, HD45A DTH hammer is the classic High air pressure DTH hammer with simply structure and high productivity, which suit for all kinds of drilling solutions. HD45A hammer offers higher penetration rate, greater reliability and lower cost per metre drilled.

Main specifications:

Hammer Length: 927mm

Ecternal diameter: 100mm

Bit shank: DHD340A, HD45A

Hole range: 110-130mm

Connection thread: API 2 3/8" REG

Working pressure: 10-25 Bar

By using a E-kit, consisting of a casing, chuck and top sub, HD45A’s life cycle is doubled for the price of 1½ new hammers! It is compatiable with classic DHD340A drill bit shank, assorted bits usually adopts flat and convex head shape design, standard bit size assorted are 4.5 inch and 5 inch.

HD45A primarily drills 110–130mm diameter holes though 140mm and 152mm drill bits are available. It is also available for Symmetrix and Odex casing drilling systems.

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