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Rotary Drilling Application
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Rotary drilling is used to drill a wide variety of wellbore, and most wells and environmental monitoring wells use rotary drilling.

In the mining industry, rotary drilling can be used for rock drilling and test wells, which helps to drill deeper large vertical wells. Rotary drilling techniques have been used to drill such holes in order to lay water, oil, gas and other liquid pipes that pass through rivers, roads and other natural or artificial obstacles. In particular, rotary drilling is used to drill optical fibers and communication lines in densely populated areas such as towns or industrial areas. The most complex application of rotary drilling is the drilling of deep wells, the main purpose of which is to discover natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas and geothermal steam, geothermal water. To find these fluid resources, the drilling depth needs to be at least 3000 ft (900 m) or even as high as 20,000 ft (6000 m).

Rotary drilling has a strong applicability, and rotary drilling is suitable for drilling igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. However, in order to find crude oil and natural gas, most of the formations drilled in deep wells are sedimentary rocks. If you are looking for geothermal steam and geothermal water, the drilling formation includes the above three lithologies. Rotary drilling requires the use of drill bits that cut rock or break rock.

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