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The Importance Of Drilling A Well
- Oct 26, 2018 -

The important part of the work of the drilling machine is the drill bit of the drilling machine. Therefore, the drill bit of the drilling machine is required to be wear-resistant. The blade surface of each scraping blade is inclined to the horizontal plane, and the diamond is welded on the edge of each scraping blade. The composite sheet and the hard alloy block are welded on the side. Since the blade of the doctor blade is inclined to the horizontal plane, it is advantageous to drill into a relatively soft ground surface.

In-line welding of diamonds in the wellbore is beneficial to crushing rock sections with higher hardness and increasing drilling speed. The welding of the hard alloy block on the side of the drilling machine scraping blade can ensure that the well is not drilled and then becomes smaller, which is beneficial to the completion operation.

The drill bit equipped with the well drilling machine can continuously import and export 700 to 800 meters, and the 50-meter deep water well can continuously play more than 15, which greatly improves the working efficiency and cost performance of the drilling machine.

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