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Use Of The Reverse Circulation Drilling
- Oct 29, 2018 -

The existing reverse circulation drilling machine has a mud pump (discharge pump) which is arranged above the ground level. Before the work, the mud pump needs to be vacuumed. If the mud pump leaks, it cannot work normally. The operation procedure is complicated and affects. The working efficiency of the drilling machine.

This patent completely solves these problems. Our reverse circulation drilling machine consists of a hollow shaft (hollow drill pipe), a mud pump (discharge pump), a power head (reduction box) and a mud pump discharge pipe. The upper end of the hollow shaft is The power head is connected, the mud pump is arranged on the lower side of the hollow shaft, and the lower end of the mud pump discharge pipe is connected with the outlet of the mud pump.

This product is driven by a gearbox to drive the hollow shaft at low speed. In the rotating hollow shaft, the mud pump is submerged under water (below the ground level), which reduces the operating procedures, reduces the failure rate of the drilling machine, increases the working speed, and increases the speed. The drilling depth of the drilling machine.

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